Charleston, WV (West Virginia), Dr. Donna Panucci, Panucci Coaching, LLC (PCG)
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Panucci Coaching Group, LLC is dedicated to going the extra SMILE for your orthodontic practice!

PCG is a one of a kind comprehensive coaching group dedicated to making an orthodontist's dream practice become a reality. We have a unique approach to the development of a profitable, rewarding practice through on-the-job education and personalized coaching. Constant guidance and support is provided in the management and mastery of your practice as we help you form your vision and nurture it to fruition.

As a Panucci Partner, you receive expert advice on total practice systemization and operational efficiency to eliminate headaches, conquer challenges, and seize opportunities to take your practice to the next level and beyond. You will acquire invaluable knowledge of the science and skills that will enable you to lead and orchestrate your team, your patients and your life for realization of financial and personal freedom.